LYHTY is a research project funded by The Finnish Work Environment Fund and two Finnish companies, lasting from January 1,  2012  to August 15, 2013.

In Finnish/suomeksi

LYHTY aims to look for solutions to uncover the tacit and procedural knowledge within the enterprise by the means of social media. Pilot cases will be conducted in collaboration with the company partners and the interest is specially focused on challenges on informal learning and refining and sharing of the tacit knowledge among these expert companies. How to get the personal learning networks (PLN) for the use of the enterprises freely but still safely, and at the same time to support building of learners’ own personal learning environments (PLE)s?

Concepts and models for uncovering the tacit knowledge will be developed based on experiences from the interventions. One or more straightforward solutions for communicating and sharing knowledge within the working day will be designed or adapted for use. Participating companies will receive new views and knowhow concerning the utilizing of social media tools in uncovering the tacit and procedural knowledge within their community.

Contact persons
Research Director Jarmo Viteli
Project researcher Erika Tanhua-Piiroinen
firstname.lastname @ uta.fi
Tampere research center for information and media (TRIM)
School of Information Sciences
University of Tampere, FINLAND


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