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Jane Hart’s keynote presentation in ICELW 2013 conference, New York

Jane Hart’s keynote presentation in ICELW 2013 conference, in New York, June 12th 2013.  Additional information about this presentation can be found in Jane’s own blog

We will Contribute to an e-Learning Conference in New York

LYHTY aims to look for solutions to uncover the tacit and procedural knowledge within the enterprise by the means of social media.  One pilot case has been conducted and the other is under way. 

First results on knowledge sharing cultures in finance and insurance companies are to be presented in ICELW2013 -conference in two weeks, in New York.

Planning workshop 2.5.2012

We had an effective planning workshop in Helsinki 2.5.2012. The aim of the workshop was to share both the academic findings and practical needs between researchers and the specialists from the pilot organisations. After presentations we had a Learning Cafe -type brainstorming session to collect ideas in support of designing the first pilot interventions, which are planned to be started in the autumn.

Project started

You can find more information about LYHTY in Finnish here